Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Who am I, What am I doing and Why am I doing it?


I'm 'D', a 30 something professional man living and working in London. I am very happily married so a beautiful, loving and caring wife with whom I have a young child. For the purposes of this blog, I will refer to my wife as 'M' or 'the keyholder'. We have been together for around eight years and have been very close since the day we got together.

We have a fairly normal sex life (for parents anyway!) and in the past, have experimented with all sorts of toys, positions, fetishes, dress-up and role-play. We openly discuss everything. I encourage 'M' to masterbate/play with toys when she is alone, bored or lonely, and to enjoy and discuss the experience rather that pretend that we don't do it.


We recently found out that 'M' is expecting another baby, and having worn a CB-3000 for lengthy times in the past, I mentioned that it could be a good idea for me to wear a chastity device for the duration of the pregnancy. That way, I could experience, at least in some part, being denied any sexual pleasure during the pregnancy, as going on the last time she was pregnant, after about 3 months, she wasn't really interested in sex and for some reason I just didn't like the idea. I would also have to experience a less than comfortable lifestyle with no choice but to put up with it.

Unfortunately, my CB-3000 had broken a while back and I have had other things to spend my money on up until now. As the CB-3000 has a hinge that can cause alot of discomfort and sometimes pain during long-term wear, I looked for other options. I found that there was now a CB-6000 on sale, that has a re-designed ring which no-longer uses a hinge. Fantastic!

I did some reasearch, and ordered a genuine CB-6000 which arrived a few days ago. I spent the last few days making sure I am using the correct size ring, pin and spacer so I can wear this for a long period with minimal discomfort. The CB-6000 only comes with one key for the padlock, so I am getting another cut today so I can give them both to 'M'. One for her to keep and another to hide, just in case of an emergency. It does come with several numbered plastic padlocks, but these are easily breakable and they don't give me the same feeling that I need to be released by the keyholder. This way, we are both participating.


I am a big fan of wearing a chastity device for many reasons. Firstly, it's kinky, and that's never a bad thing in my book. It also turns me into a very obedient and attentive servant, slave and husband who loves domestic duties. I can't really explain why this is, but I genuinely feel happier when I looking after and pampering 'M'. Something she doesn't mind either. I'll happily wash-up, cook and clean now. These are duties I'm not usually so keen on. I should also mention that when the CB eventually comes off after a long period, the sensation of touching the penis is incredible. There is no other feeling like it.

Over the coming months (years?) I'll be blogging about my experiences to help other people and couples learn to love using chastity devices to enhance their relationships and lives, and possibly live in a tidier home!

'D' x

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