Friday, 16 January 2009

Another evening of attending to 'M'

Tonight I cooked a curry tonight and washed up as I cooked. We ate, and I helped 'M' choose a dress pattern to make while I knelt on the floor next to her. We watched a little bit of TV together (her choice). I then took her up to bed and massaged and stroked her until she fell asleep. Mission accomplished! 

I'm really loving this. I'm getting so much satisfaction out of attending to her every need. She wants water, off I go, she wants the phone, off I go again.

Although, I must say, it's almost been a whole week that I've been locked up and I'm so fucking horny. I can't stop getting a hard-on when ever serving 'M'. I get hard just kneeling at her feet. I get hard thinking about kneeling at her feet, and I'm even hard now writing about it! These POI's are really starting to get on my nerves. I had both the small and medium size in next to each other all day today but after almost fainting earlier, I've removed the medium ones. It's still really uncomfortable but I think I can live with them for now.


'D' x

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