Thursday, 15 January 2009

Another successful night

I arrived home, changed into my house servant clothes (Blouse, necklace, dog collar, satin skirt, and PVC apron) and ran 'M' a bath. I let her soak for a while and when I was called I shaved her legs and armpits and washer her all over. I then settled her in the bedroom while I made a quick meal. We ate, and then I made a cup of tea.

After that, I sat behind her and gave her a gentle back run working up to a massage. She had recently been given a skin buffing kit, so I buffed her all over making her very very soft and smooth and she now smells amazing. Finally, I got on my knees next to the bed and gave her a thorough foot massage. When I'm not wearing a chastity device I still love pampering 'M' but after this marathon evening I was so turned on. She gently went off to sleep whilst I stroked her feet and lower legs. I was kneeling next to her and can say I was so content that I had done a good job. Still having the points of intrigue in my CB, I experienced for the first time ever the amazing combination of calm contentment and extreme pain as the points did their job.

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