Thursday, 22 January 2009

Nothing to interesting to report

Last night I got home from work, go changed into my house servant clothes and go stuck in. First of all, I made 'M' a delicious meal, I then tucked her up on the sofa in a fleece blanket and assumed my usual position on the floor next to her so I could stroke and lightly massage her feet. She was very tired and soon fell asleep as she was so relaxed. As she looked so comfortable, I left her there whilst I washed up and tidied the kitchen. After that, I took her up to bed. It makes me so happy to pamper her, I can't wait to get home each night and do it all over again.

I am feeling like I need to be milked soon though, so I may need to attend to that tonight or tomorrow.

'D' x

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

A break from the Points

I woke up about 3am this morning in agony as my penis was desperately trying to become fully hard and digging into the points. I had to remove them as it was just too painful. After that I had a great sleep. I think I'll use them during the day and keep them in over night as often as possible to try and train myself a little better, but sometimes you've just got to sleep!

Today I'm feeling great that I got to spend some quality time stroking 'M'. I don't think she understands how I can like doing it, but it just makes me feel like I have a role. When I'm not wearing my CB I get selfish and don't always give 'M' the attention she deserves.

'D' x

Monday, 19 January 2009

Great evening

Pretty much as planned except 'M' wanted to cook tonight. I washed up, made tea and then spent the next two hours kneeling on the floor next to 'M' stroking and lightly massaging her feet and legs. I can't explain how great this made me feel. By the time she wanted to go up to bed she was very relaxed and really appreciated all the attention. I can't see that any of this can be a bad thing. I'm constantly in her good books at the moment as I'm a very attentive husband and servant.

'D' x


It has now been 9 days that I've been wearning my CB, and I'm pleased to report that I hardly know I'm wearing it, other than the obvious times like going to the toilet or waking up with an erection. I'm sitting at my desk quite happily working away.

A successful weekend

The weekend wasn't too exciting. I spent some time with 'M' and my son and where possible attented to my domestic duties. I managed to meet up with a good friend on Saturday night too which was great. I still have the POI's in and last night I only woke up once in pain. Last night, after putting my son to bed, I got changed into my usual domestic uniform and got started on the following:
  • Cooked
  • Gave after dinner foot massage to 'M'
  • Made a cup of tea for 'M'
  • Washed up
  • Changed the cat's litter tray
  • Sorted the recycling and put the bins out
I don't mind cooking, and over the years, I've started to enjoy it, but I never really liked washing up, or changing the litter tray or most other domestic jobs, but these days, I have no problem doing them. My outlook has changed since putting on the CB. I view these little duties as something I am doing for 'M' so that she doesn't have to do them and the more I pamper her, the more she'll love me. (That's my theory anyway). I guess i'll find out in the long term if this is true. The only problem I have is finding the energy to do all these things as they often take me up until midnight to get these things done.

Tonight's agenda:
  • Washing up
  • Clothes washing
  • Foot and back massage for 'M'
  • Bedroom tidying
  • Ironing
Can't wait! 

'D' x

Friday, 16 January 2009

Another evening of attending to 'M'

Tonight I cooked a curry tonight and washed up as I cooked. We ate, and I helped 'M' choose a dress pattern to make while I knelt on the floor next to her. We watched a little bit of TV together (her choice). I then took her up to bed and massaged and stroked her until she fell asleep. Mission accomplished! 

I'm really loving this. I'm getting so much satisfaction out of attending to her every need. She wants water, off I go, she wants the phone, off I go again.

Although, I must say, it's almost been a whole week that I've been locked up and I'm so fucking horny. I can't stop getting a hard-on when ever serving 'M'. I get hard just kneeling at her feet. I get hard thinking about kneeling at her feet, and I'm even hard now writing about it! These POI's are really starting to get on my nerves. I had both the small and medium size in next to each other all day today but after almost fainting earlier, I've removed the medium ones. It's still really uncomfortable but I think I can live with them for now.


'D' x

Another frequently interrupted night's sleep

I woke up almost every hour last night with my penis trying to break free and digging into the points. I'm not sure I can wear these full time. I'm going to stick with it for the time being and leave them in. I feel like I shouldn't be able to enjoy erections at the moment until 'M' wants me to again. 

That's all for now!

'D' x

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Another successful night

I arrived home, changed into my house servant clothes (Blouse, necklace, dog collar, satin skirt, and PVC apron) and ran 'M' a bath. I let her soak for a while and when I was called I shaved her legs and armpits and washer her all over. I then settled her in the bedroom while I made a quick meal. We ate, and then I made a cup of tea.

After that, I sat behind her and gave her a gentle back run working up to a massage. She had recently been given a skin buffing kit, so I buffed her all over making her very very soft and smooth and she now smells amazing. Finally, I got on my knees next to the bed and gave her a thorough foot massage. When I'm not wearing a chastity device I still love pampering 'M' but after this marathon evening I was so turned on. She gently went off to sleep whilst I stroked her feet and lower legs. I was kneeling next to her and can say I was so content that I had done a good job. Still having the points of intrigue in my CB, I experienced for the first time ever the amazing combination of calm contentment and extreme pain as the points did their job.

Another benefit for 'M'

I never was allowed to urinate standing up, but when she wasn't around I usually would. When she'd find out I would get punished by losing a privilege for atleast a week. Now I'm chaste, I can only urinate sitting down. It's a bit more of a pain, but each time I go, it reminds me that I'm 'M' is getting what she wants and ultimately, that makes me content. Home time soon, and I can't wait to get stuck into some housework, then pamper 'M'.

'D' x

Interesting Night

After milking myself last night with my Nexus Excel, I decided to try to fit the free CB-3000 Points of Intrigue that came with my new CB-6000. This ended up not being too difficult, I just had to make the round hole on the POI a little larger as the CB-6000's pins are oval. I decided to go safe and try the smallest points and am so glad I did. I had a very interesting night.

I fitted the POI right before I went to bed and as soon as I lay down I got an erection. Wow! I didn't expect that feeling! It was a rapidly increasing sharp pain and the more it hurt, the harder I got until I was shaking. I tried desperately to think of something to make it go away, and eventually bored myself stupid with going over network infrastructure diagrams I have been working on. I must have had about an hours sleep before the same thing happened again, as I woke up with some pain. This happened almost every hour until the morning.

I'm going to give it a few nights to see if I can train myself to handle this otherwise I'll have to take them out. Maybe i'll try the longer points just for a laugh! :|

I'm back at my desk this morning missing home and almost wishing I was at home looking after 'M' and taking care of my house duties. Tonight I will bathe and shave 'M'. Can't wait!

'D' x

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

A few days in

I've been in my CB-6000 for five days now. I'm very happy with the fit and how comfortable it is compared to my old CB-3000. I often wake up at night in some pain with an erection, but this is a small price to pay for fact that I feel like a totally different person.

Something I hadn't expected is, whenever I remember that I'm wearing it, (which is about every five minutes) it immediately makes me think of 'M' and gives me a warm feeling that I have a purpose and that purpose is to do whatever I can to make 'M' happy. I came home from work, today, put my apron on, cooked, ate then washed up and I feel fantastic. I wish I could get paid to do this all day. I have put 'M' to bed and about to milk myself for the first time in a while. I'd better get used to this and get practicing! 

Night all, 'D' x

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Who am I, What am I doing and Why am I doing it?


I'm 'D', a 30 something professional man living and working in London. I am very happily married so a beautiful, loving and caring wife with whom I have a young child. For the purposes of this blog, I will refer to my wife as 'M' or 'the keyholder'. We have been together for around eight years and have been very close since the day we got together.

We have a fairly normal sex life (for parents anyway!) and in the past, have experimented with all sorts of toys, positions, fetishes, dress-up and role-play. We openly discuss everything. I encourage 'M' to masterbate/play with toys when she is alone, bored or lonely, and to enjoy and discuss the experience rather that pretend that we don't do it.


We recently found out that 'M' is expecting another baby, and having worn a CB-3000 for lengthy times in the past, I mentioned that it could be a good idea for me to wear a chastity device for the duration of the pregnancy. That way, I could experience, at least in some part, being denied any sexual pleasure during the pregnancy, as going on the last time she was pregnant, after about 3 months, she wasn't really interested in sex and for some reason I just didn't like the idea. I would also have to experience a less than comfortable lifestyle with no choice but to put up with it.

Unfortunately, my CB-3000 had broken a while back and I have had other things to spend my money on up until now. As the CB-3000 has a hinge that can cause alot of discomfort and sometimes pain during long-term wear, I looked for other options. I found that there was now a CB-6000 on sale, that has a re-designed ring which no-longer uses a hinge. Fantastic!

I did some reasearch, and ordered a genuine CB-6000 which arrived a few days ago. I spent the last few days making sure I am using the correct size ring, pin and spacer so I can wear this for a long period with minimal discomfort. The CB-6000 only comes with one key for the padlock, so I am getting another cut today so I can give them both to 'M'. One for her to keep and another to hide, just in case of an emergency. It does come with several numbered plastic padlocks, but these are easily breakable and they don't give me the same feeling that I need to be released by the keyholder. This way, we are both participating.


I am a big fan of wearing a chastity device for many reasons. Firstly, it's kinky, and that's never a bad thing in my book. It also turns me into a very obedient and attentive servant, slave and husband who loves domestic duties. I can't really explain why this is, but I genuinely feel happier when I looking after and pampering 'M'. Something she doesn't mind either. I'll happily wash-up, cook and clean now. These are duties I'm not usually so keen on. I should also mention that when the CB eventually comes off after a long period, the sensation of touching the penis is incredible. There is no other feeling like it.

Over the coming months (years?) I'll be blogging about my experiences to help other people and couples learn to love using chastity devices to enhance their relationships and lives, and possibly live in a tidier home!

'D' x